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INTERVIEWER: Is it surprising for you that a classic Victorian British hero—and a rather asexual one at that—gets people so thrilled about Sherlock in today’s audience?

CUMBERBATCH: [Sherlock’s] got a universal appeal. He’s the ultimate anti-hero.

He’s a very strange, very hard to understand entity. He repressed his sexual impulses—and a lot of other things too—in his life, simply because he does not wish to waste his time. This man is too busy to have sexual intercourse, that’s really all there is to it! Not every man has a libido that has to be taken care of.

Much like a lot of other areas in his life where he deliberately makes himself less human—the fact is simply that he does not want anything to do with things that would make him waste his time, that are a restriction.

That goes for some relationships, as well as for sexual intimacy.

To other people he’s an eccentric person, but I think he voluntarily repressed this stuff.

In this series [Series 3], it’s really about him accepting that he can do a better job with a little bit more ethics, feelings and sentiment, and it’s about his ability to play with these things without necessarily being immersed in them.

I just think it makes the character more interesting and multifaceted.

Benedict Cumberbatch

(Newton Mag interview, July 2014 [x])

(Interview translation from French to English c/o the inimitable don-gately)

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